Fly Fishing

Alaskan Fly Fishing at its Best

Here at KingFisher’s Perch, fly fishing is a passion!  King Salmon, Sockeye Salmon are a blast.  If Salmon on a fly is your target, you have found the right place.  Our expert guides will assist you in catching your dream fish on a fly.

The most popular fly fishing trip for Rainbows and Grayling, begins at Paxson Lake and ends at Sourdough Campground. Total distance is about 50 miles and four to six days of travel.

Rainbow Fly Fishing Trip

After three miles of paddling down Paxson Lake, watching the bank for moose and throwing your fly for the hopeful lake trout, you arrive at the Gulkana River outlet. At the outlet you will see a gathering of waterfowl, many of Alaska’s ducks eat fish in the shallows of the river outlet. From the outlet you will experience a shallow, rocky stream with Class II and III rapids and a gradient of 38 feet/mile. And the Fishing…

This section of the trip lends its self to some of the best Grayling fishing Alaska has to offer.  Just throw any fly from, a golden ribbed hairs ear to the favorite fly in your box, these fish are extremely aggressive!

Don’t forget you are only on day one of this lifetime adventure. Your guide will be teaching you the way of the water. Within the first few hours of your trip you hit the Middle Fork of the river flowing South from Dickie Lake.  This water will double the size of the river and give you some rest from dodging rocks in the East Fork shallows.  Rest is needed.  After eating a shore cooked lunch you take your rod and head to the water again.  Grayling have become boring by now. Your thoughts are on something bigger.

At the confluence of the Middle Fork and the Main Fork, the river becomes slow and meandering. There are occasional rocks and small waves in the Class I water until reaching Canyon Rapids. Yes this river has some surprises, besides great fishing and beauty we get to shoot the rapids! The Canyon Rapids are at Mile 20. Take-out signs mark the portage on the left side of the river. The rapids are Class III or IV, depending on flow, and are navigable by experienced whitewater boaters only. This means you in the Pontoon Boats get to fish while your guide packs your boats the 1/4 mile around the turning water. Many boaters have wrapped and destroyed rafts and canoes here.

There are several pleasant camping areas along the Gulkana River. We have them all figured out. Our camps are deluxe and provide you with quality food, great tents and good cooks!  Remember that we are camped at Canyon Rapids and we don’t want to skip the rainbows!

A one-mile hiking trail takes you to Canyon Lake and is a good opportunity to stretch your legs. Below Canyon Rapids there are 8 1/2 miles of Class II and III rapids which are generally shallow and rocky. Eagles are seen along the river waiting and watching. It is no wonder why these magnificent birds are the choice of America. After these rapids, there is a 17-mile stretch of Class I water to Sourdough.  Don’t forget that the Graying will bite at anytime, giving you something to do while floating down one of the prettiest rivers in all of Creation!
This trip is best done in 5 days of fishing and 4 nights on the river or longer depending on how much fishing you can stand!  However it is also very doable in 3 days of fishing and 2 nights on the river.  Keep in mind that the less time you have on this stretch of fifty plus miles of the Gulkana River, then the less Alaska fishing time you have to catch your trophy.

Oaring your own personal pontoon boat is awesome, however if you would prefer an expert rafting guide will handle the oars for you in one of our 14′ Self Bailing Rafts.

You simply have to float this beautiful stretch of one of Alaska’s best rivers.

Rates for Fishing and Camping:

3 Days Fishing / 2 Nights Camping:
$1,800.00 per person

4 Days Fishing / 3 Nights Camping:
$2,350.00  per person
(Best for this trip)

5 Days Fishing / 4 Nights Camping:
$2,950.00  per person