Saltwater Fishing

Saltwater Alaskan Halibut & Silver Salmon Fishing Trips 

KingFisher’s Perch Saltwater Fishing Specializes in all of Alaska’s bottom fish. Halibut, Ling Cod, Yellow Eye Snapper, and other tasty reef fish.  Booking your trip in July or August? It will likely include the Mighty Silver Salmon!  We bring gear and tackle for all species on every trip!

Fishing out of Valdez, AK on the “Jaime Lynn”

IMG_1208Halibut… The “barn door” of the ocean.  These fish are definitely Giants!  The largest Halibut caught in the world came out of Alaska!  Some over 300 pounds!  The table quality of this fish is excellent!!!  When it comes to people talking about their favorite fish to eat it normally falls into 2 categories “salmon” and “halibut”.  Here at KingFisher’s Perch on the “Jaime Lynn” we will provide you with excellent experiences catching both.

The Silver Salmon fishing in Valdez, Alaska is amazing!  With a limit is 6 per person we start catching Silvers in late July, and from Aug 1st – Sept. 1st we don’t have any problem pulling limits.  Mooching, trolling, & casting are three of the techniques we use on a day to day basis. Most of our Halibut fishing trips will include a stop to catch these tasty power-filled Salmon.

Halibut Fishing is an art.  Most people believe that with Halibut fishing it is finding the “RIGHT SPOT” setting a anchor and then letting down a large weight with a circle hook with some bait.  You hear the fraise “sharp hook, little bait, and a lot of LUCK”.  Well that is not at all the truth, or not the whole truth.  That is just the way that most people fish for halibut, including many Charter Captains.

Bottom Fishing with Captain Joshua Hughes is very different.   He has years of experience, dedication and thought that goes into every day of fishing.
IMG_0925*Where were the fish yesterday?
*Where are the fish today?
*What is the tide doing?
*How much current?
*What bait is the best, for this spot, for this technique, for today?
*What type of hook & bait, for what the tide, current and fish are doing?
*What is the experience level of the group?
*What type of explanations will help with catching more fish?

All of this combined with about a hundred other things make for a educated decision for each fishing day.  This is not the type of fishing trip where we are looking to limit out and head home as quickly as possible. Never pushing to keep smaller than adequate halibut. (CBig Halibut 2015 2HICKENS)  Every trip we are expecting to win the Derby, or catch the most, and biggest Halibut possible.  When Success happens and we catch our limit of Halibut we are not diretly off for home, oh no… There are many other Species of fish that are very tasty that can be added to the fishing box.

Ling Cod, (open after July 1st) are like the “Wolves of the sea”, they are very aggressive and can get to weights of over 60 pounds!  Ling Cod will bite almost any bait, and any hook.  However their favorite is by far the Lead-head Jig, with a green tail!  We “Drift Fish” for Ling every day of the open season and add many of these giants to the fish box.  Ling Cod have a white meat that is sweeter than halibut.  With a higher oil content Ling is often referred to as the “Poor Mans Lobster”.  Fantastic FISH & CHIPS 🙂
Yellow Eye, Dusky, Black Bass, Copper, Tiger, and other fine rockfish may also be added to the limit.   We target them too!  Just Ask Grandma Hughes, and She’ll tell you Yellow Eye  is the best eating fish in all of Alaska!

“DRIFT FISHING” with Captain Joshua on the “JAIME LYNN”

“DRIFT FISHING”  is the art of catching bottom fish without the boat anchored.  Growing up on the Rivers as well as the Ocean has allowed Captain Joshua with a understanding and merging of the two.  It is one of the most effective ways to put “POUNDS” in the boat!  Imagine holding your own rod, jigging up and down, setting the hook, and fighting your fish all while on the drift!  The key to successful drifting is knowing what direction the current is moving setting up in shallow water and drifting towards the deep.  Many of my most successful drifts are in as little as 50 – 75 feet of water.   We keep our Jigs 10-30ft off the bottom allowing the presentation to be coming over the top of the targeted fish…  Then when the Giant comes up from the deep she grabs the Jig and instantly heads back for the bottom.  Many of these fish will hook themselves on their explosive, powerful bites and runs.
IMG_1127Slow fishing days happen, however on a slow day allowing the boat to move over hundreds of yards of sea floor significantly increases your chances of quality strikes, and fish.  Many days of the summer Fishermen on the “Jaime Lynn” get to pull on fish, having a ball all day long, while other charters had a hard time keeping the Boredom from the lack of fish produced on the ANCHOR.
Knowing when to “Drift Fish” is as important as knowing where.  Many people have heard the expression “Slack Tide = Slack Fishing Just wait for the tide to change and then we’ll start catching halibut again.”.  That is very true, when your boat is Anchored.   If you have good current, meaning the tide is moving, then you have lots of scent traveling away from your boat.  This brings halibut in from long distances away making for great fishing, but coming up against a tide change and slack tide the strike slows down or completely goes away.  Sitting through the tide change, is very common choice of halibut Captains.  Waiting until the current picks backup and the scent starts traveling further from the boat bringing the halibut back in again.  The only problem with this approach is that there are only so many hours in the day and wasting 1-2 hours “sitting through the change” seems like a huge waste of time.  This is a GREAT time For “DRIFT FISHING”!  Even though the Tide is Slack the boat will not stay in the same spot, this will allow you to drift over the fish turning “Slack Tide” into “FISH ON!”


The “Jaime Lynn” is a 3025 Harborcraft Kingfisher.  With twin 200 HP Hondas, and top of the line Garmin Electronics, she is a fantastic Charter boat!  The “Jaime Lynn” is over 32′ long and has a comfortable cruse of 32 knots.  Seating 6 clients with plenty of room for your bags, coolers, and other personal items.  The head (bathroom) has flushing toilet and provides privacy for the ladies.  Seaworthy, Fast, & Comfortable are 3 things we Got!
All of our Halibut, Ling Cod, Rock Fish & Silver salmon fishing is done in the Ocean and we run “six pack” boat.  No more than 6 paying fishermen on the boat.  The boat is operated on a flat fee of $2,400.00 for the day or $400.00 per person minimum 4 people.  This provides you with everything you need to catch the huge Halibut, Ling Cod, Rock Fish and the powerful Silver Salmon.  Make sure when choosing who you want to fish with you consider the type of experience you prefer, ask questions, & enjoy!


Silver Salmon, Yellow Eye, Ling Cod, Rock Fish, Shrimp, and Halibut!